STROLLER (6+ months) / 宝宝推车(6+月)

From behind, the Zooper Twist looks adventurous and mysterious. From in front, the Zooper Twist looks warm and inviting. From the side, the Zooper Twist looks precise and analytical.

Official site / 官方网站:

  • Adjustable safety harness
  • Collapsible, with lock; easily fits in the trunk of local taxis.
  • Extendable and removable canopy with attachable rain, sun covers.
  • Thick padded leg cover attaches to protect against wind and snow.
  • Large-size, double wheels for a smooth ride.
  • Medium weight, 6.1 kilograms (13.5 pounds).
  • Original price: RMB 1700 at Little Prince in Super Brand Mall (Spring 2007).
  • Selling price: RMB 800.
  • Seller contact: 13636644690, (English)
  • 一款大小很适中的伞车,四季皆适合使用。功能齐全,方便携带。基本配置:可折叠,后轮刹车,前轮360度旋转、后背可调节、夏天可脱卸伞棚后背通风、冬天配有防寒套、配有防雨套和防蚊帐(更具体功能可以参看官方网站)
  • 由于要迎接第二个宝宝,忍痛出售这款伞车。
  • 购买时间:2007年1月
  • 使用时间:2007.年5月~2008年5月。 非常的新。
  • 购买价格:1700元(购于正大广场)
  • 出售价格:800元
  • 说中文请联系:13564370246,